Easter Island Downfall and Realizations

The Easter Island reading caught my eye as a reader. The reading was very informative and gave an example of a real-world evolution where we are living in. The most interesting point from reading was the impact of civilization and the industrialization of the island as a whole. I also found it very interesting about the deconstruction of different established societies through history of the easter island. 

One of the major ecological down falls of the Easter Island was due to deforestation. Although I was aware of what deforestation is, I was unaware of the affects it truly can have on the environment let alone a whole island. Reading about how big of an issue deforestation is for the Easter Island breaks my heart. It is ultimately one of the leading factors for the destruction of the island.  It also led to lack of resources on the island because the environment cannot reproduce as fast as the forest areas are being torn down. 

I think that as humans we can learn from the destruction and deforestation of  the Easter Island and find ways to prevent this from happening in the future. Although there are wicked problems that affected the island like pollution, waste, and deforestation we can figure out a way to decrease these effects on our ecosystems. As a merchandise student, this is important to understand to help with efforts regarding to sustainability. I think that reading about the Easter Island gave me insight and how I can do with purchasing habits as a consumer. As a merchandiser, the readings information gives me information useful to contributing to fashion issues such as Fast Fashion and sustainability issues. So Far I am loving learning about Wicked Problems and learning about issues that affect not only us as consumers but our planet as a whole. 

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