Easter Island Part Two?

This week’s reading was about the so-called mysteries of Easter Island’s famous statues. It was long debated how the previous inhabitants of Easter Island had been able to move those gigantic statues from the quarries to all over the island, now historians agree that they used tree trunks to transport the heads. The different tribes that once reigned over the Island used these statues as symbols of spirituality and status; they became obsessed with making them and keeping them on their respective territories to assert their power over other tribes. They become so obsessed that they didn’t even realize that they were running out of trees to move their precious statues. After they cut down all of the trees the island became a much more dangerous place. The people eventually resorted to Cannibalism because the loss of the trees affected the ecosystem so drastically it became hard to grow crops. Some of the people even had to live in caves or crude huts because there was no longer any wood for houses.

The people of Easter Island suffered so much tragedy all because they refused to see that their actions had an impact on their environment. America has already had a taste of what happened when we don’t respect our environment during the dust bowl in the 1930s. Farmers in the South and Southwest overworked the land and caused their fields to nearly turn to deserts. Things like these have happened for centuries and they will continue to happen if we don’t learn from our mistakes. The fashion Industry in America is especially responsible for the waste in the world today. The process of manufacturing clothes alone is extremely wasteful. Pounds of fabric are discarded after cutting the pattern pieces, and only a few companies donate or recycle that fabric to be used again. Then after those clothes are sold they’re quickly discarded for new styles, and again, many aren’t donated or recycled, but just thrown away to sit in a landfill for decades. A push for change in this area is already happening, and we as the future of the industry need to make sure things continue to change. We need to continue to popularize upcycling old clothes, reusing old materials, and creating new technologies that will allow for a waste free manufacturing process.

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