Easter Island Should Be a Huge Lesson

Easter is not a story about a barbaric society gone wrong. It is about how society treats their environment and the irreversible effects to come. Easter Island should be a lesson for us so that history does not repeat itself. When Easter Island could no longer uphold the commands of the people living there, the people’s resources completely collapsed. Which resulted in complete chaos. There was very limited fresh drinking water near extinct volcanoes, very few plants and animals, and not very good soil. Temperatures were also high, with very few fish. This is due to the people of Easter Island using just about all of their natural resources.

This should be a huge lesson for us because we are currently going in the direction of facing the same problems. Greta Thunberg has said that we are treating our planet like a big candy jar, and we keep picking and picking from the candy jar expecting the candy to not run out. I think we should realize that we only have limited resources, and if we continue to make non-sustainable choices there will be irreversible consequences. Especially on a much bigger scale than what happened on Easter Island.

A wicked problem I would like to pursue is how are we able to make actual strides to fight climate change when we’re facing corporate greed and big industries that are doing the most damage. It seems near impossible to stop this, due to the fact that we’re living in a capitalist society where money controls everything. To these big industries, the environment is their last priority. While making a large profit is their top priority in order to remain at the top. A start would be using responsible mapping in order to face this wicked problem.

A gripe I have in my field of study is the fast fashion industry. This has become a vicious cycle because there are putting out a collection every week using the cheapest methods and keeping up with current trends. Fashion trends have become more popular due to the fact that it’s extremely cheap are “on trend”. Because they’re bad quality, they’re like to be thrown out in a short time and the consumer ends up buying again causing this vicious cycle. In my ideal world, I would like to completely get rid of it. Maybe this is possible by educating people about the damage it does to the environment and to the people working in these factories. While also pushing the idea of buying clothes of higher quality so that they aren’t ending up in a landfill as fast.

I do see changes in my dialogue outside of class, especially within my family. I do have many different opinions than my family especially regarding the environment, and how we face that problem. I think I have at least gotten them to realize that this is a real thing and a real problem. A small step I have taken in changing my behavior is limiting the one time use products such as ziplock bags or tinfoil. Or bringing my own bags to the grocery store. I think if we all made small changes it would drastically help. But I think the real problem lies with these big corporations such as the fossil fuel industry.

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