How Sustainability Is Taking Over Fast Fashion

The Easter Island reading was something I have never heard before. I have heard of the island before, but I didn’t know the history of it which was really interesting to learn. Never would I have thought that all that would happen on an island and have such scarce resources and how they had to make do with what they had and even turned to cannibalism. I think this relates to our world today as we have scarce resources and the cause of deforestation for the building of homes.

I chose fast fashion as my wicked problem as it relates to merchandising and the career field I want to pursue. I have recently learned about fast fashion that most of the companies that are not sustainable use child labor in their factories under poor conditions in Asia. They work long hours in really poor conditions for children which takes away from them getting an education. Something that is working out better though is that more fast fashion companies are having sustainable lines that come out. This is a huge step forward for brands like H&M that are a part of the fast fashion industry but in recent years are coming out with sustainable made clothing. Hopefully more brands like this in the future come out with sustainable lines of clothing and maybe in the far future we can have clothing that is 100% sustainable with cheap options that come with it, because right now sustainable clothing is on the pricey side.

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