Learning So We Can Be Better

The reading assigned over Easter Island was very interesting and contained a lot of valuable information. The only other time I have heard of the location is from an Easter movie I watched as a kid, but this children’s movie did not inform any of the viewers about its history. Sadly, the story of what happened on Easter Island sounds very similar to what our world is experiencing today. Easter Island is pretty much a scaled model showing what will happen if we continue to abuse the resources that we heavily depend on. As a society, we should learn from the history of Easter Island, but instead, we continue to permanently damage our environment which will eventually lead to an ending similar to the islands. In order to try to do my part, I want to learn about how fast fashion is hurting our environment and investigate what we can do regarding the current material being used in order to make the process more sustainable. Having the opportunity to collaborate with others who are interested in the same wicked problem was very beneficial. We discussed what we can do about the waste fast fashion creates and what we can implement to help the damage it is causing. One dream that my group and I agreed on was finding an alternate purpose for excess fabric and material to make the production of clothing closer to the goal of 0% waste. I also hope that starting at a young age children can be educated about wicked problems in our world so we can start helping instead of hurting our environment. I started to make sure that I am not throwing away any fabric scraps I have from projects and instead saving them in order to repurpose them in the future. I also have realized that I should not purchase from fast fashion brands and instead invest my money in companies that are more sustainable and create less waste.

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