Making Changes in the Things Around Us

I found the reading over easter island very interesting as it talked about the destruction of societies throughout history. When we take a look at how societies continue to self-destruct it is important that we take a look at ourselves today and prevent this cycle from continuing. What has caused these societies to crumble was the lust for material possessions, money, and overusing resources. This is of course a very scary thing to think about because it sounds very similar to the way we live today. Everyone is always focused on the economy and using so many resources without thinking about what effect it will have on the environment. We could do much better than what we are doing. I think one of the most interesting things we have been learning in Wicked Problems is that there are so many problems that have no solution. It is crazy how these problems are not normal and how we can’t find solutions for them. I think creativity and thinking outside the box are extremely important when it comes to tackling these problems. I think that specifically in areas of retail there is a big issue with plastic waste and that that is a problem that we should look to eliminate. The mapping activity that we did really helped us take a look at these problems that we see and pushes us to look for new solutions and creative ways to solve the issues.

When looking for problems more related to my area, which is interior design, I somewhat struggled to come up with a wicked problem that was directly related. When thinking about it I have come to the conclusion that I feel non-resources are something that can be greatly affected by the interior design industry. There is a constant need for new and matching items and textiles that can add to the issue of depleting natural resources. I think that we could definitely look into reusing materials and creating more unique designs with interesting pieces or old and repurposed items. 

-I wish that more interior designers used repurposed materials and furniture.

-I hate how we are constantly creating multitudes of new things instead of using what we already have.

After all of the activities, lectures, and discussions on wicked problems I definitely feel much more educated on the topic. I think that now having more knowledge about wicked problems I will be better equipped in discussions on the topic of wicked problems and will therefore be able to make a difference and change my actions.

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