Making the Most of Our Resources

I thought the Easter Island reading was very interesting and I was able to compare it to the world we live in today. I had no prior knowledge of Easter Island and the reading made me think about the ways we can preserve the resources we have. 

The wicked problem I have chosen for my investigative report is pollution as the result of the fashion industry. There are many instances in which harm to the environment is caused by material waste, fast fashion, and chemical pollution. There are many national organizations to prevent and reduce pollution but there is still a very large amount of waste and pollution in our atmosphere and oceans. I wish that companies all over the world including fast fashion companies would take action and terminate pollution and waste entirely. It is possible to make brands more sustainable if companies would start working to solve this problem. The companies should conserve their resources and find ways to use them more efficiently to better their company as well as the environment.

This class has influenced my view on the subject of wicked problems and I know that there are ways to alleviate these issues. Being more environmentally aware of the problems regarding the condition of our planet has made this class more interesting. I know that everyone has an impact, so we can take initiative and change our ways of doing things for the well being of our planet. 

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