Mishaps at Easter Island

Easter Island is a pivotal part of our history and is often overlooked and goes unrecognized for how relatable it is to our current society and the problems we face today in our environmental needs. We are so neglectful of what our environment is saying to us through the signs of climate change and need to acquire a quicker response to how we can assist and make change to the damage we have caused. The Easter Island article was interesting to me because I have heard of it, but never knew the facts about it. It discussed the impact that the people had on their environment and why it ended in such chaos. The island was not suitable at first for a people group to inhabit it due to the lack of food and shelter, but slowly over time they cultivated the soil and created a safe environment by using their resources for shelter and tools for collecting food. They made it into a place where they were able to thrive and create lives that were meaningful and full of purpose. 

After using all of their resources such as trees and brush for fishing and building boats and shelters, they struggled to find natural supplies for everyday use that would last them over time. This action of ignorance is so relatable to our society now. If we are not aware of our resources and the time we have left to make serious changes to our daily decisions before they are depleted then we will be left with products made from manmade materials that are harmful to our ecosystem and are causing harm to us as well. Because of their poorly decided actions, they were left with nothing to sustain them. I am hoping that more people will be aware of this event and be wary of the decisions they make daily and their personal impact on the environment. I believe that this point in history correctly displays the events that will occur if we continue to behave like our actions do not matter or affect the earth because of our individual actions. 

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