Protecting What We Have Providing For The Future

The Easter Island reading reminded me about the deforestation that happens in various places around the world. It is a severe problem that happens and causes damage to ecosystems and the people who live around them. Although the industrial need for trees is great there is also a need for trees in society. We need trees to support the ecosystem as well as provide ample oxygen for living beings on the planet. Trees are a valuable resource but cutting them down and using them excessively has its consequences. There need to be more ways to use trees to produce goods that we need while maintaining a large enough supply in forests to sustain the plants and animals that live off of them. 

As I learn more about sustainability and its importance in our society I think of more things on a day to day that may help. The fashion industry is one of the main polluters and causes a lot of problems for the environment. Specifically the fast fashion industry. One aspect that causes a lot of pollution is the packaging of products. Most fashion items that are bought online are packaged in plastic sleeves and surrounded by more plastic or styrofoam. Both of these are extremely polluting to the environment and cause more harm than good. 

Some stores and online sites offer sustainable packaging in order to cut back on pollution and waste. Some stores ship their goods in fully biodegradable packaging or recyclable packaging. This, although it is small is a helpful step to urge people to buy things that produce less waste. My group talked about how encouraging brands to package their goods with plastic-less materials would be a good step to less plastic pollution. I am learning every day about sustainability and as I continue to learn I aim to make more sustainable decisions. I try to reuse things instead of throwing them away and I try to buy things that I know are safe for the environment. Every small step helps and I hope that eventually, it will become easier and easier to live sustainably. 

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