Reflections on Parallels

One could argue the parallels between today’s environmental issues and the devastation on Easter Island. Taking the deforestation on Easter Island caused by the elaborate and ceremonial life had a drastic effect on the population. The continued deforestation for urban areas and farmland causes soil degradation, which will eventually lead to a loss in crop yields and contributes to the rising CO2 levels. Cotton is one of the highest labor demanding crops among the crops. The mechanization of cotton production increases the CO2 levels. Human workers in weed control and harvest operations decrease the amount of CO2, but human labor will open other facets of the responsibility mapping. Responsibility mapping identifies the stages of a problem. After identifying the problems’ points, we need to look that the roles of other contributors, from government, consumers, and others role in supporting the solution for change. A solution for the fast-fashion shift is with the consumer and the brands. Brands could consider taking their outdated clothing back for in-store credit. Then the brands could incorporate up-cycling as part of their 52 collections produced a year. Finally, The United States is not the only country on the planet. If we are going to see the change in needs to be a “whole of planet.”  

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