The two different parallels

The world today is full of different parallels compared to what was going on at easter islands. Easter islands was a island that was taken over by the Polynesians and was ruled for a long time. The islands had little to no resources at all. The island only had one stream of water and was coming from the volcano that exploded a long time ago. The world now days is completely different from how it was back then. Today we have so many resources, but we are slowly running out of them because we are using the non-renewable resources. The world today is changing more and more every day. I cant wait to see the world how it’s going to look in 25 more years. At the rate, the world is going the pollution is going to be worse and the resources will slowly be gone. The parallels of these two worlds will either slowly become the same or the world will be able to keep their head above water. Easter island will always be a different place compared to the world we live in now. The island only has 2 types of animals and those were lizards. The world now days has over millions of different animals but a lot of them are slowly going extinct because of how fast of a rate we are killing them or even taking away there homes to try and build bigger cities or roads. We will slowly notice that later on down the line in our lives that we will need to change and try and stop these wicked problems with our worlds.

The wicked problem with the tornados of the world and especially where we live will always be a wicked problem in the world. There is never a true answer to figure out how to stop them or even fix them at all. The only way that we can stop them from happening and destroying the homes and buildings we live or work in is to completely make them out of concrete that is made to hold up against one.  If we start making homes out of these and this way the building prices of house will be so so how that there won’t be very many people in this world that can afford to do it.  Being able to do research and figure out ways to fix the wicked problem of a tornado and so fun and the learning experiences has made it more fun. the work I have done outside of class has made my ability to talk about this subject so much better.

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