Wicked Problems Run Rampant in the Environment

The Easter Island reading was extremely informative regarding the issue of overexploitation of resources and its fatal effects. I was shocked to uncover the true story of Easter Island and all that led to the civilization collapse. The reading presents many parallels to the current state of our world. As our climate continues to degrade as a result of anthropogenic causes, our resources are becoming more strained. It was somewhat frightening to hear the ultimate fate of the civilization as our fate could eventually be similar if we continue utilizing unsustainable practices.

I chose to pursue the wicked problem of excessive carbon emissions caused by large corporations, and the potential effects it creates in our atmosphere. I am pretty familiar with greenhouse gases and their excessive production. I am now learning about how exactly large corporations contribute to such an exponential portion of greenhouses gases. The research regarding this topic is somewhat extensive as there are many players which are contributors to the major problem. I hope to be more aware of where I am shopping or spending my money after researching for this assignment.

A dream I proposed during “The Wildest Thing” activity was my hopes for stricter EPA guidelines and regulations for larger industrial companies. I proposed this dream, because I think it’s time for corporations to be held responsible for their contribution towards our dying planet. I hope to eventually elevate this issue by finding a career in environmental policy and advocating for change. It has always been my aspiration to make a difference in the way we all treat the planet we live on.

I see change in engaging others as I actively enjoy talking about wicked problems at this point in my life as well as my academic career. As I’m learning more about what categorizes a problem as wicked, I feel more inclined to mention to others how substantial these issues are. I also enjoy encountering environmental issues and trying to determine if they are wicked or not. A large portion of them are, creating another reason for my advocacy on the premise of wicked problems.

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