Let’s Talk About The Future of Nature

For the last 2 assigned readings I’ve noticed a pattern for the YES columns, they both took a very different approach to the same problem. Which is how the environment is degrading because of the lack of support our Government has for climate change. Either it’s because the Government has failed to help poor people with their living conditions or our country and opposing countries not being able to come together to fix our issues with our climate. To see the different perspectives that the reading chose to highlight was super interesting. It helped me better understand that there isn’t just one problem that got us in this predicament with our environment. But it does let me know that we do have a serious problem with our climate that needs to be given major attention before it’s too late and no, not just choosing paper over plastic isn’t helping our environment like you think. In Leyla’s TedTalk she talked about how picking paper is just as harmful as picking plastic, because once we throw away our paper bags they just go to a landfill which is probably one of the worst things for our ecosystem. Biodegradability is such an important resource for our environment and since landfills have no oxygen when trash is dumped it just stays there, for something to be degradable it needs oxygen.

  Another thing Leyla brings up in her TedTalk was moving forward and creating a post-disposable future, I think it will be super hard to change the way people choose to live their lives, people are so set in their ways about certain things that it’s going to take a lot of convincing and honestly our Government is going to start having to make certain  things mandatory. For example during the pandemic we were told to wear our masks to not only protect ourselves but our loved ones and people we interact with, some saw this as a threat on our human rights (even though it’s protecting them.) It got so hectic that the government had to make a business mandate that every patron wear a mask. It’s going to take a lot of people like Leyla to help really push for a move towards a post-disposable future and a lot of research. The Fallingwater house created by Frank Llyod is actually astonishing, I live for nature and water so to see a house that was built so many years ago be so current to the times just shows how forward thinking he was. I love how organic the architecture feels,  the house looks like it’s growing out of the earth. Eco design is something that I wasn’t really familiar with until class, from my understanding it’s when you examine and think about the effects of a product that you’re creating throughout its entire life span. I find it super interesting to know that when you’re designing a product you can’t just design something for right now, if you want your product to last you have to think into the future.

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