We Can Make the Fashion Industry Sustainable!

I thought the YES reading was very interesting to me and it honestly made me think harder about the subject of poverty and what it really means in terms of environmental degradation. It opened my eyes that the word “poverty” isn’t just people with not enough income to provide a better life for themselves but it can also include many other things. In the reading they used this definition, “Poverty can be defined as a social condition of chronic insecurity resulting from an economic, ecological, cultural, social systems, causing a group of people to lose capacity to adapt and survive and to live beyond minimal levels of satisfaction of their needs and aspirations.” It was also mentioned in the article that impoverished people depend a lot on unsustainable ways of doing things which negatively impacts the condition of our environment. When reading this, I thought it ties in really well with what Dr. Leyla Acaroglu said about how she said that all of the small actions can affect complex systems. This to me means that everyone, not just people within poverty, must be more conscious in order to reduce environmental degradation. 

I read the YES article because I am in fashion merchandising and I strongly believe that a post-disposable future is obtainable. In order to reach that goal there must be effective changes made to the waste management systems and the pollutants that the fashion industry alone is responsible for. I have read about RILA and I know that they have been trying to make effective changes to the retail industry to make a positive impact on the environment. It is possible to make sustainable products if leaders of the industry take initiative and solve the problem. To make the changes needed, it takes not just people within the industry but even consumers need to be aware of the harmful impacts on the environment from the fashion retail industry so they can make smarter purchasing choices. Sustainable fashion is achievable and I think that when more knowledge is spread about the subject, more people will feel obligated to do something about it!

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