Consume less and Create more!

I have become more knowlodgeable about the importance of making sustainable choices every day. How our choices each day have large impact on Earth. Why should us as humans become eco-friendlier or learn how to live eco-friendly? Becoming eco-friendly means to live with intention and living in an authentic way to want to make positive decisions. Poverty is also a huge factor when it comes to living eco-friendly, poverty I would say causes more stress on the environment. However, I believe all humans are taking more from our environment that what we need to be able to survive. All to say that your choices and behavior towards wanting to be eco-friendly can start with just turning off your lights when you leave a room. 

Leyla Acarpglu’s Ted talk gives us more creative ideas to make change, environmental issues, and how we can be more mindful when it comes to using certain materials daily. I believe she taught us the it is possible to still achieve more with less. Leyla had mentioned that when we as humans need to make a complex choice, we usually go in search for a simple solution. We tend to ask for a simple solution. I found that to be so true in our choices we all choose to make without thinking long-term effects. I liked how Leyla discusses how large of an impact us humans can be if we start to make different choices daily. These choices can be as small as choosing a paper bag versus a plastic bag. I will say when she had mentioned using a plastic bag versus a plastic bag, one way I will try to be eco-friendly is by using a reusable bag. For example, if I go to Trader Joes or Sam’s Club/Costco to shop for groceries I will try to use lululemon bags or any other reusable bag. Another way is our large recycling trash bin outside our house we will use to put cardboard, broken glass bottles, wine bottles and etc. I think a large goal to try to accomplish is to showing people that small actions truly make an impact on Earth and I think Leyla’s Ted talk very well highlights the importance of being mindful with our decisions every day. 

Furthermore, I think a post-disposable future would be very advantageous to our earth. It’s very concerning that there are quotes made like, “soon there will be more plastic in the ocean than there will be fish”. This is why moving to a post-disposable future is also known as the, “The Global Challenge” which is exciting but also comes with so many questions. Having the possibility of a post-disposable future means that we need to become creative with effective ways of how to lessen waste. This is a good representation as to why us as humans should start living eco-friendlier. Additionally, learning about biophilic design was notably interesting to me. Biophilic design strives to build sustainable designs to reconnect humans with nature. Biophilic design chooses to put the attention on natural features. To sum up everything that has been said so far, reaching these different goals will take time and being mindful but I would not say it is not unachievable. 

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