Society and Environmental Pollution

As a society, we have become desensitized to waste and pollution. Although it is a growing problem in our world today many people don’t put in an effort to solve it. As the world’s population and industry continue to grow we begin to face even more problems such as climate change, water pollution, depletion of natural resources, and much more. As a society, many of us disregard the problem because we don’t see the piles of waste or the trash in the ocean like other less developed countries do. The United States along with many other countries is reliant on single-use plastics and other toxic materials that pollute the earth. Since there is such a large amount of these things most people don’t even think about it. From the packages, our food comes into the bottles that contain our products to the decorations in our homes. All of these goods will inevitably end up in a dump somewhere someday. These products are not only harmful themselves but the way they are manufactured causes environmental problems as well. As a society, we need to find ways to eliminate the excessive use of plastics, especially single-use plastic. As individuals we can do many things such as buying fresh foods, using reusable bags instead of plastic, cutting back on unnecessary plastic goods. All of these small changes can help make a greater impact. 

There are also bigger things we can do to help the issue such as working with legislators, working together, and making plans to clean up the earth so that it can live longer and healthier to support us and the generations to come. It is important that we think of others in this cause. Working together is the best solution to try and mend the crumbling environment. As we think about small changes we can make to aid the environment what comes to mind? Do you know where your goods come from or how they’re produced or sourced? Are you supporting businesses that harm the earth or protect it? There are countless choices made daily that affect the environment. I personally try to practice these conscious decisions making skills while shopping for clothes as the fashion industry is a huge part of the pollution problem. I try to shop at stores that sustainably produce their goods and ethically source their products. It is important to be mindful when making every decision because each decision you make has an effect on other people and the environment in one way or another. 

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