Sustainability and reoccurring Issues

In this past week, we were given two different articles rather YES or NO to environmental degradation in terms of poverty. Even though I was assigned the YES side, I read through both articles to get an understanding yes and no on the subject. Prior to reading, I had knowledge on degradation from previous classes and readings, but I was unaware of the part poverty played in degradation.  It makes me wonder how little knowledge people have on the subject. I think that people don’t think that poverty can have an effect on the environment but in reality humans will do what they can to survive. Also, I think that people in poverty are often overlooked and are unheard causing more of an issue These people who are in poverty are forced into unsustainable practices that lead to environmental risks. Although this is a factor on the environment, people are creating ways that can help the poverty levels and the unethical practices people may be performing. 

This week we also got the opportunity to watch a ted talk by Leyla Acraoglu that went into depth on how we as humans abuse the environment when it comes to waste loss and water overuse. I think that if everyone knew the impact that industrialized societies have on the environment and cared to make a difference in sustainability efforts, then we would be in better shape for the future of our earth. With this being said, I think that having everyone put in a little effort to sustainability efforts then we would be in better shape and ecosystems all over the world would feel the impact needed to function.  

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