Sustainability with less

In this week’s reading we were given two articles to read. I was assigned to the NO article, since I am an Interior design major. This article focuses on the overpopulation of the homeless. The environment we live in today is based around money, resources, and opportunity. Due to low income, the homeless population has increased overtime. The homeless are treated unfairly, yet are to blame for their circumstances in today’s society. The poor are not offered enough opportunities to expand beyond the situations they are in today. They are offered minimum to nothing by the government. In order to create an environment full of equal opportunities we must help the less fortunate and share our resources. Due to economic inequality, the world has lost sight of doing what’s right; the importance of helping one another. 

In Leyla Acaroglu’s TED Talk, she speaks on doing more with less. She focused on environmental issues and the choices we make that can impact the environment. She inspires us to be aware of the materials we use each day. Innovative design can help create change for the better. Sustainability is essential to our future. In order for environmental gain we must create eco-friendly alternatives in our life. Leyla states that everyone is responsible for the environment we live in today. The overuse of energy and resources today is not sustainable. We must do our part to conserve while bringing awareness to this concept.

We must create a future that is post disposable. In order to improve our environment, citizens must create ideas to reduce waste. This concept focuses on recycling and reusing. The condition of our environment would improve, while preventing global warming. We must find alternatives to reduce waste. The Ted 10 is an approach to sustainability. The design of products that are effective and that will benefit the environment. Ted 10 focuses on improving nature, while using natural resources. This concept will benefit the environment and improve our society’s health. Consumers must be aware of the overconsumption of energy and resources. We must adjust our daily habits to make a positive impact on our future.

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