The environment we live in

The world we are coming into is very different from what it use to be. The low income we live on now makes everything so much different. The low income of people we have are making it to where we pick out the poor and make it where they have nothing at all. With the world turing into where we kick them out and make them go live somewhere else where there isn’t enough resources for them to survive. The world is starting to make it where the rich people are starting to take over the big cities and the resources are dying away slowly.

If we keep kicking the people out that we think aren’t helping the world or the environment it is going to make everything so so so much worse. The stories we read they talked about how some are up to the people in the environment or it’s up to the societies to figure out whats going on. We have to work towards the future and what needs to happen and how we can fix it. The society of the world we live in focus more on how the world is working and what is going on.

To improve the environment we live in we have to work towards a better future and what is going to improve how we don’t kick out the poor people and say they are messing with what we are living in today. I don’t think that the poor is making the environment worse it all comes down to what we do with the big cities and how the pollution of the world that we are doing. The cities are getting so big and the pollution are running things.

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