Why Is Sustainability Widely Uncommon?

As an environmental science major, I was assigned the NO reading for this week. The reading largely considered the correlation between the poorer populations and how their opportunities may be effected by their environment. The reading led me to consider a multitude of things. As I was reading I felt frustrated at the potential helplessness these communities might feel. Without help from the government to improve their situation, the communities are left to fend for themselves as a result of lesser income. At what point does the human population lose empathy for those “created equal”, especially under these degrading circumstances? It is widely understandable as to why the poorer communities might lack mindfulness in their current conditions. Their personal problems involving well-being might be considered more detrimental compared to the well-being of the environment surrounding them.

I found Leyla’s TED talk to be fascinating, because of her description of “Environmental Folklore”. The subject regarding how each one of us has potential environmental impact without trying is frightening. Every decision we make every single day potentially contributes to our changing environment, so why are we not more conscious of it?

If the potential of a post-disposable future arises, I would be more than happy to oblige. Waste is a huge driver of the climate crisis and the potential for eliminating it could create amazing opportunities for our planets healing. I try to minimize my waste as much as possible so this is right up my alley. Biophilic design has always intrigued me. I love the association of architecture with the environment. I find lots of value associated with biophilic design, because as humans we easily disassociate from nature as our busy lives progress. I especially enjoy the biomorphic forms and patterns, because they are quite rare to find in an architectural setting. Eco design in general is something I think will become increasingly popular as time progresses. With the worsening state of the planet, increasing concern could potentially allow for the eco design industry to develop.

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