Will It Ever End?

In almost all of the readings in this class, one thing remains constant and that is the need for sustainability. The one that I read this week had a lot to do with this topic. There were two articles but since I am majoring in Fashion Merchandising, I read the YES article. This article focuses on environmental degradation, an example of this is poverty and urbanization. The article also goes on to explain how fixing problems like these is not something that can be accomplished by next week. It will take time and patience.

            In the time that we live in it is very hard to get people on the same page, in my opinion I think it’s nearly impossible. This week we listened to a Ted talk in class from Leyla Acaroglu. She had made very good points but one that stood out to me the most was how she explained that we need utilize more recourses with less. I think in this world we overuse and waste lots of things that can be reserved and eliminating that would be a game changer. Having a sustainable way of living could ultimately save the environment. She also described how wasteful fridges can be. For example, she explained how most of the time we forget that things are even in the fridge and before you realize it you have wasted half of the produce you just bought. This really got my attention because my roommates and I tend to waste more of what’s in the fridge rather than eat it.

            The Ted 10 is a certain list of elements of design that help consumers and designers be aware of the affect fashion has on the environment. This is a way of spreading awareness for clean concepts to be able to increase sustainability for the future. This week in class I have been educated on so many important topics that I was oblivious to. I hope to be the change in the future and help stop all the waste that goes on in the environment.

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