Change That Everyone Should Get Involved In

The majority of us do think Climate change is a real problem and try to make conscious decisions in regard to the betterment of the plant. But making conscious environmental decisions isn’t always simple, as choosing to use a paper bag instead of a plastic one. It seems in a lot of ways choosing either solution has a negative impact on the environment in some way. In Layla Acarogula’s Ted Talk she addresses this problem. Her solution is through design, using innovative ways to deconstruct and reuse a product. Because the excessive amount of consumption is not going away, and there is a market for this. This week’s reading touched on this as well. Right now we have done very limit to stop greenhouse gas emissions, and pollution. The government could definitely get involved but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen anytime soon with conservatives stopping any change from happening. There is also some challenged to reduce the effects of climate change within a market, and a concern that this will affect the economy in a negative way. However, the cost of preventing climate change is less of the cost of the negative impacts of climate change. 

A post disposable future could be the way of making a great change with climate change. But what is it? A post disposable future is a movement that involves all of us. We change our expectations, desires, and choices, and the services that we use in our lives. Because the overwhelming majority demands a change and changes their actions. It’s the only way business models will change their practices because the consumer holds the power. ANd they will change their business model in order to keep having consumers. If change then happens in a market I think governmental changes would soon follow. It’s not easy to change habits but the repercussions are too high. I will start making changes in my life to reduce my carbon footprint and the waste that I create.

I think Biophilic design is an awesome use of architecture. Biophilic design is a “green-building trend”. It connects both the natural environment to our built architectural environment. This done using natural materials, and spatial design. Not only is it a better use of space for the environment, but is also aesthetically pleasing as well. Biophilic is designed an eco-friendly design.

The point of an eco-design is a waste-free circuit. It minimizes a product’s negative impact, with factoring in environmental concerns for the prevention of pollution.  It’s all about manufacturing a sustainable product while still satisfying the consumer. If more companies used this business model there would be a significant positive sustainable impact on our environment.

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