The Poor Stuff

According to Opschoor in “Is Poverty Responsible for Global Environmental Degradation?” environmental degradation can be both a cause and a result of poverty, I disagree. But Opschoor points out that reasons for poverty can be found at every level in society, from a single person to globally. I agree with Opschoor’s that poverty is the result of an inability of people to gain access to life-sustaining assets. In contrast, others are capable of securing the conditions for stable and productive lives. What prevents people from accessing the support needed to better the situation? During the Ted talk by Leyla Acarolgu, Acarolgu talks about the never-ending debate about paper or plastic. I was shocked by the claim that plastic is a better use than paper because of the amount of paper required to make a bag that can hold goods. I’m not too fond of plastic bags; they always break. Acarolgu also noted that the waste in food is 40%. I found that figure crazy. I wonder what amount of food waste is in stores and restaurants. A post-disposable future means a world without waste. Hopefully, there will be an excellent place to get rid of plastic bags or some good ideas on repurposing them effectively. Finally, the textile industry generates a lot of trash. The trash contribution is pre-and post-consumer. The trend of fast fashion is causing an increase in the fabric in landfills. 

Zero waste is a worthy goal to strive for, but I’m sure it will be hard to achieve due to its construction. Upcycling, repurpose, reuse and recycle of fashion to keep the textiles out of the landfill. 

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