The Truth About Climate Change

Many people in society believe that climate change is a real dilemma the world is facing. However, throughout the reading it was made clear that not everyone has equal opportunities to make better decisions for the planet. People going through poverty are having to participate in unsustainable practices just to keep afloat in this society. The author makes it clear that instead of blaming the victims we need to bring notice to these problems and begin to get them equal opportunities to make the right decisions for our earth. In Leyla’s ted talk she asks whether you would pick a plastic or paper bag, she later explains that paper that neither are good for the environment. However, she always debunks the idea that plastic is better due to the fact paper bags are thicker material and last longer on earth. She also talks about how to make waste into design by reconstructing products into something useful. The waste around the world is not going to leave anytime soon so we should make better use of it while also helping the earth. 

To make our future better society must start using reusable products so we can reach a post-disposable future. If everyone in the world were to use all reusable products, then trash would start to not fill our land and oceans. I am starting to fill my kitchen with all things reusable and getting rid of plastic straws, water bottles, paper/plastic plates, plastic cups, etc.  

Biophilic design is a type of architecture that connects the building with the natural environment. These buildings are aesthetically pleasing and give a fresh vibe compared to regular buildings. The designs include lots of greenery with lighter tan colors and wooden patterns. I personally really love these designs and feel they have become very popular even in regular houses where people have kept succulent plants in their houses for the past couple years. 

Eco-design is a way of designing buildings that are sustainable for the environment. It allows buildings to no longer have negative impacts on the earth. This design technique also keeps customers happy while the earth is kept sustainable! For example, houses can be built with sustainable flooring and a green energy heating system. If more building companies used eco-design for their buildings, then our world could become a better place in one area with little sacrifice. 

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