Ideal vs Realistic

I thought the Wicked Problems website was interesting and insightful. I had never given much thought to the idea of how significant design can be outside of business apart from in art. I like how this approach can make a difference and usually gains momentum from the outside after its launch. An example of this came from the organization “Who gives a crap?”. I really liked the idea behind the product and was mostly drawn to the accessibility of it as I feel like a higher cost is usually attributed to buying everyday things out of the norm. It’s a good cause that is easy to contribute too and I think I’ll be buying from them when I move into a house next year. This class has widened my perspective greatly in terms of sustainability and has inspired me to minimize my use of plastic water bottles. I also seem to see things on sale in stores a little differently, thinking about the entire chain it went through to be in the store.

Unfortunately, despite individual progress with sustainability i’m not sure if society is having progress with sustainability. While I understood and semi agreed with the points made in the cap and trade argument, I was more convinced that it seemed like the most realistic option to moving forward with carbon emissions. It doesn’t seem ideal and definitely looks like it can be exploited in certain ways, but I think that corporations won’t budge without financial incentives with any solution. There definitely is a better solution to carbon emissions even if I don’t know what that really looks like, but I just feel like corporations won’t go through with something that they can’t influence or somewhat control. One can argue that using the current state and future scenarios based on what’s going on should be used as a point of reference for where we move forward. However, I feel like our governments are unfortunately more of the reactive nature instead of the preventive one, a point of reference being how medicine works in the United States. I think if people could see a glimpse of how our world could change they might care more, but too many ignorance is bliss.

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