“The Cap of Wicked Problems”

I thought reading 5 did an effective job on informing us about how drastically the climate has changed and how to get the world back on track when it comes to our climate. They really shed light on how our World leaders and Government are really the problem behind us not taking care of our planet better. I never knew that acid rain was such a big hazard in the US. Overall I really liked the information that reading 5 YES columns talked about, I felt really informed. Like, most of the things that we’ve read or talked about in class; The Wicked Problems website goes in more detail about everything that we’ve learned so far. When finding a solution for a wicked problem there’s no template, you can’t have the same answer for every problem. The website just goes more in detail about all the different types of wicked problems we, humans face on this planet. The wicked problems website really is more of a pamphlet that is a good introduction to wicked problems if you never heard of it. It does a really good job at explaining Horst Rittels’ theories on Wicked problems and the complicatedness of social issues. Another point the wicked problems website talked about was the current state scenario and how with any solution to a wicked problem you have to think about the future and what could happen if you used a certain solution for your problem; would it make it worse in the future or would the wicked problem be solved in the future. I think the current state is a great way to determine if your solution is good for the problem or if it’ll make things worse for the future. The one social entrepreneur that does good with the current state is Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter is a political and social group that builds power to bring justice, healing and freedom to black people across the global, I feel that the Black Lives Matter group does a really good job at making sure they change what’s going on now. When the Black kids that are growing up now don’t have to go through what we’ve endured and hopefully they’ll be presented with a better life in the future. Just Black Lives Matter is not only a group but a movement to better push all Black people to equal rights; that’s what my wicked problem Racism in Fashion is pushing for but more zeroed in on fashion.

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