Go Green or Go Home

Paul Grugman has made it a point in this article to reveal the corrupt teachings of the market. Some of his points though are stating that individual actions are not helpful to the evolution of product waste and protecting the planet from this increasingly harmful practice. He notions that to make a difference, there needs to be a system to which a positive impact will be made. His point is whether we are working to create change for the future or if we are participating in this action because it is something we prefer to do for our own satisfaction or cost expenses. He later on mentions the involvement of Pigouvian taxes and their impact on economic events that have negative effects that could ultimately become an appropriate action for beneficial outcomes. His emphasis on individual participation is interesting to read about because it pertains to how one with significant weight in this production type, then why should it be their choice to place constant harm on the planet while knowing that it is producing a poor future for humankind. He stresses that this has become more of a preference than a duty that be believe we have to uphold.

I think that implementing thoughts on how much the future can be affected on our decisions we make now can bring up a lot of opportunities to start making better and more informed decisions sustainable wise. I personally want the future of humankind to live in a world that is clean and safe for an optimal living environment. Seeing how covid has affected the world, even though it is not related to sustainability, I have become more appreciative of how I was able to grow up in a safe environment and not have to worry about being in a toxic setting produced by excess pollutants. I hope to contribute to sustainable practices more often to do my part in protecting the future.

A company that I have been interested in since I started this class is the H&M company. They are creating awareness for sustainable practices as well as acting on them throughout their whole organization. They are working diligently to provide sustainable clothing that still appeals to every aspect of fashion and design that consumers that search for. They are appealing to new demographics that are sustainability junkies and encouraging new members to also do research and participate in the action of going green for present and future planet protection. They offer clean products, but also provide an outlet for secondhand and recycling opportunities to be exercised. This includes accepting donations from customers of materials that might be used to create new products or sold as existing garments to reduce product waste.

I plan to use more sustainable practices in how I shop as well as think more about how to repurpose my current clothes or being more cautious about how I get rid of undesired garments by donating to sustainably conscious organizations that will properly use them for a positive effect. I hope to participate in encouraging others to get involved in sustainable practices that will hopefully create an impact on how the fashion industry generates products that will promote economy and environmental health for future prospering.

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