Let’s be Sustainable Together!

Global warming is happening as we speak!! It is caused by the mass emissions of CO2 and greenhouse gases. One solution to this wicked problem was suggested in this week’s reading, ‘Green Economics: How We Can Afford to Tackle Climate Change.’ It suggested that we put limitations on the usage of natural resources such as coal that emit these pollutants. This could be done through cap-and-trade, carbon, taxes, and a carbon tariff. One of this article’s takeaways is that not acting to decrease these emissions could potentially end in utter catastrophe. These suggested solutions would significantly decrease the amount of emissions of these harmful pollutants, however this would only be the start to bettering our environment in order to limit and prevent the continuation of global warming. Some other ways we could help with global warming is by starting to promote and use ethical brands products as they work to limit their carbon footprint. We as a society are headed this way as younger generations realize the importance of taking care of the environment. “89% of Millennials said they are likely or very likely to switch to a brand associated with a good cause” as well as “61% said they feel personally responsible for making a difference in the world” as stated by the Wicked Problems website. This means that younger generations, who are the future, are working towards sustainability and limiting the harmful impact of our environment. I will be among this generation and have already been pushing towards ending the usage of fast fashion, at least in my own wardrobe. In the future, I hope to work for an environmentally conscious brand and help reduce the amount of pollutants that are released due to the fashion industry.

One of the brands I would love to work for that uses sustainable practices is House of Sunny. One way I feel I could help them improve is by using the current state analysis. I think this is a great tool and would help to better set up their sustainability goals and how to improve the fashion industry as a whole. I feel that also as a larger ethical brand, they could use their voice more and speak out on the dangerous pollutants companies are emitting and possibly even challenge brands to become more ethical in their practices and by using the current state analysis it would help achieve this. I think by doing this it would increase their consumer audience and would allow for brands to see all the support they are receiving from it and cause these brands to reflect on their company and change. 

Warby Parker is a great example of a social entrepreneurship brand. For every pair of glasses they sell they donate one. This is a great example of something that companies should do as it addresses a social issue, that not everyone who needs glasses has glasses, and strives to solve this problem by donating a pair of glasses every time someone purchases one. Their products have purpose and now more people are likely to buy from their brand as they feel they are bettering someone else if they do. Wicked problems website even says that “74% said they’re more likely to pay attention to a company’s overall messages when that company shows a deep commitment to a cause.” This pushes for other companies to take actions like this as they see all the traction brands like Warby Parker are getting. Warby Parker even got this idea from another company, Tom’s, who utilized a buy one give one program. This demonstrates that brands copy other brands and so by implementing these programs we are bettering our society and environment as a whole. 

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