Money VS. Social Responsibility

Sustainability is such a hot topic and has been for several decades, however the government and many world organizations have only recently started to see the major problem that is pollution. Within the private sectors pollution is everywhere and with the pollution tax that governments used to enforce, businesses could pollute as much as they wanted to as long as they paid the tax. The newly created cap and trade has a limited number licenses that companies can buy and when those licenses are all used that is the cap of the number of pollutants that can be circulation. While this seems like a good plan there is still a large number of pollutants in the air. I just think that the when the people in charge are looking at solving the environmental problem, they are trying to solve it where they lose the least amount of money. The main goal is financial because a lot of industries that pollute are the ones that bring in the most money. When our world leaders start putting saving the planet and making sure the environment is safe for the next generations first then more progress with be made

The wicked problems website had great information on what problems qualify as wicked. There is information for everyone who is curious about how to help change the environment because as a humankind we have not found a solution and moved forward together. As said knowing history can help us not repeat it but our current state can definitely help with finding ways to tame wicked problems like poverty and hunger.

Social entrepreneurship has been around for ages but now it finally has a name. From civil rights activities to non-profit owners’ people are consistently trying to make the world a more inhabitable and peaceful place to live in. For example, Nordstrom’s is a company that has been around for a long time and they take social entrepreneurship seriously through human rights, environmental initiative etc. Corporate social responsibility is really important especially today when sustainability is a huge topic

My sustainability journey is just getting started. I have had conversations with my mom about what we could do to lessen our carbon footprint in our household. I am looking into different things that I could do to be more sustainable and do my part as an environmentally conscience human. I plan on continuing my sustainability journey all through my life. This class has given me the motivation to make these changes in my daily life.

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