Businesses over Government

This semester so far has given me the opportunity to explore different sustainability causes and affects along with getting a better understanding of sustainability as a hole. I did not know what wicked problems were or have really never heard of them before studying them in this class. I have had an amazing time experiencing and learning about all the different issues related to the fashion industry. 

The reading this last week was the article, “Does the Market Work Better Than Government at Transition Sustainability”. With this article, it looked at two different viewpoints from Paul Krugman and Leigh K. Fletcher. Krugman argued that the market today does a significantly better job than the current transactions of our government. When looking at Fletcher viewpoint, it was the opposite in looking at how the government does a better job at transactions than the current state of the market. With this being said, I looked more into Krugman’s viewpoint. Krugman expressed concerns from acid rain and how it is produced. Acid rain is a reoccurring problem that is caused from power plants in factories. These power planets release fossil fuel gasses that cause the fall of acid rain. The point of introducing acid rain was to express how the issue was solved through efforts of the clean air act. While looking at both sides of the argument, I think that the market sometimes has power over the government when it comes to major issues such as acid rain.  The whole idea of business over government has always been an issue at keeping major corporations intact and not overstepping their power. However, if businesses are seeing these issues and the government is not taking the right approach in solving the issue or creating solutions, businesses need to step up and change things to better the environment. 

One company that has made sustainability efforts is Urban outfitters. They have extreme believes in recycled, unused, and bulk materials. With their clothing sustainability efforts, Urban Outfitters implements LED lighting that saves up to 70% electricity in stores nationwide. They also have partnerships with eco-friendly brands like hydro flask and Patagonia to continue making safe and sustainable practices. Their packaging is also 100% recyclable and claim to always be researching ways to improve plastic waste efforts. 

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