Designing Solutions for World Restitution

In the article, Leigh K. Fletcher argues that building codes as a regulatory policy can reduce electricity which would significantly limit carbon since buildings are the largest contributor to electricity consumption. Building management has a significant impact on the environment. Along with the struggles to reduce carbon emissions comes the financial burden that companies have to pay. Fletcher suggests that rather than pointing fingers at the government, people and businesses should aim to limit how much greenhouse gasses they emit into the atmosphere.
Considering that I am an interior design major, I found this article to be very interesting. In the near future, I will be working with all kinds of buildings, offices, and houses in my field. Reading the article helped me reflect on what I should be doing when I design or renovate buildings in the future. I should always keep in mind that my designs should be as sustainable and safe as possible.
A company that I find to be very interesting is Toms. When a customer buys a pair of shoes or glasses, another pair of shoes or glasses is donated to a child in need. This company helps to alleviate the problem by giving back to others. Toms makes their goals and standards very transparent to the public. I like that this company is trying to fight poverty in a creative way by selling merchandise and clothes.
The wicked problems website shares a list of wicked problems as well as things associated with them. The website includes a list of 10 characteristics that could potentially define a wicked problem, or a wicked problem in the making. It states that wicked problems must be solved with a design and a plan in mind, yet there can be multiple solutions to these issues. We must come together as a community to fight these wicked problems and come up with creative designs and solutions.

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