Government, Sustainability, and Business- can they all coexist?

I have learned a lot from the readings in this class. The last reading taught me a lot about the correlation between government involvement and a businesses sustainability practices. Krugman’s stance was that the market does a better job on its own without government involvement. Leigh Fletcher took the stance that government involvement is important in regulating sustainability practices in businesses. Along with most things in life, I believe that a middle ground is the best solution. Businesses do not want to feel controlled by the government so overregulation can have a negative impact, but on the other hand, if there is no regulation at all a business will only worry about their own profits and not the environmental impact. With such a wicked problem as sustainability and government involvement related to it, it is hard to come to a unified solution. 

I found the wicked problems website very interesting because I was not aware before this class that the term wicked problems was so widespread. It is a very good resource to refer to in relation to any wicked problems that we have discussed in this class. After learning about the disastrous affects our everydays lives have on the environment I have recently been trying to be more conscious in my consumption and waste. I always though reusable bags were just for trendy people but I have been trying to remember to bring them to stores that will allow them right now during covid. I have also been trying to shop more sustainably and not just buy anything I like without thinking of the lifecycle of the product and the bigger picture. Being a fashion major I have always enjoyed fashion, but I am learning that being sustainable is more important than keeping up with evey trend. 

I worked at Athleta over winter break and I learned about their mission and their stance on sustainability. They have been trying over the recent years to use renewable resources and limit their waste in production. They have put policies in place to limit their water use in the supply chain. They are also a certified B corp and have been very transparent in their business practices and their goals for the upcoming years. They are setting the tone for other workout brands and are a good example of sustainability in that line of fashion.

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