Government VS Market

As I continue learning about the wicked problems we face when it comes to the environment, I feel more educated on why these issues are happening and the possible solutions. A wicked problem is very complex and is something that can be looked at from so many angles, and I think this weeks reading taught me to look at this issue from a new perspective.

As I began reading the assignment over whether or not the market should have control than the government over sustainability, my immediate reaction was of course not. My first thought is that the big businesses who cause so much pollution do not care as long as they are making money. Big businesses do not make environmental sustainability a priority because it costs more and takes more effort. As I read though, I see how a wicked problem can have multiple solutions. 

Something I found really interesting was Leigh K. Fletcher’s point about how much energy buildings consume. Constantly constructing new buildings accounts for over half of the electricity consumption. If the government stepped in and created regulations on this, that right there would help significantly. My biggest takeaway has been that there are many different angles that sustainability can be looked at from, making it one of the most prominent wicked problems that we are facing.

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