How Poverty Is a Wicked Problem

In this day and age, equality is becoming a bigger issue. But have you ever thought that sustainability and environmental concerns come into play with equality? In reading 5 it talks about how the lower classes get the short end of the stick when it comes to environmental concerns. They are often forced into unsustainable practices. Also, most people in poverty live near factories which can cause a series of health issues. They live by these factories because the cost of housing is low in these areas.

            Sudara is a company I just found out about and fell in love with their cause. They partnered with a sewing company in India and taught women there how to sew. The owner, Shannon Keith, returned from a trip to India and heard about a story of women that were sold into sex slavery. There are high risk women in India just because they lack education and can’t get a job. Some women that have been brought into this beautiful program have left and started their own tailor business. Most women are sold into trafficking by their own family members. This brand creates loungewear for people all over the world, while being taught basic skills they might not have learned yet. As said in their video on their website, every print is named after the women while celebrating their newfound freedom.

            I have tried becoming more sustainable recently, I try my hardest to just drink out of my reusable water bottle and not plastic. Also, if I don’t have to get a bag at the grocery store, I won’t use one.

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