If Green Alternatives Exist, Why Aren’t We Using Them?

In this weeks reading, I was surprised to know just how many Green alternatives there really are. However, I was quickly let down due to the fact that I had just heard about these despite them being around for years. The United Kingdom’s Emission Trading Scheme, I had never heard of it. Why is it that plans to go green, or green alternatives, are withheld from the general public. When they aren’t however, they usually tend to be ones that don’t do much. I was surprised to learn that buildings contribute to almost 65 percent of the worlds electricity consumption. We as a society could be doing so much more to help the planet. However, many of the Green Alternatives that do exist are locked behind a paywall of sorts. This financial barrier will be the reason that our planet falls if we don’t do something about it.

If we were to get rid of this financial barrier between us and these alternatives, our future would look less grim in regards to the state of our planet. We would begin to have a positive impact on our planet, slowing down the effects of global warming. If we were to switch to buildings called green buildings, our energy levels would be much lower. Green buildings, while more expensive to build are better than regular buildings due to the amount of energy conservation they provide. This makes them especially useful for apartment owners of all sorts and their residents.

My journey with sustainability is finally beginning to kick off. I’ve begun recycling more and I am constantly more aware of the waste I am producing. I try my best to stay aware and reuse things for other uses when I can rather than throwing something away.

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