Making a Difference in a Sustainable Way

In last week’s reading I was able to learn more about what some people believe are the best, most reasonable ways to combat climate change. Paul Krugman in his article stated that we should try to implement cap-and-trade, carbon taxes and carbon tariffs. I had never really thought about taxing business or creating a cap-and-trade system in which businesses buy licenses, but I think it is a practical solution. I think big polluter businesses would actually participate and lower their emissions, helping solve the climate change problem. The reading taught me to look at issues, like climate change, in a different light and from a different perspective. I would have never thought to look at it from a business perspective, I thought the only true way we could make a difference is through legislation. This blog site also taught me to look at problems from a different perspective. I was able to see people’s thought processes and their opinions, which changed my perspective on certain issues that I would have never second guessed before. I also learned a lot more about the wicked problems we face today and will continue to face for many years in the future. I believe that currently there are multiple wicked problems that need to be addressed, and there are many bright, young minds that are doing what they can to help. It gives me hope for the future and makes me believe that things won’t be as bad as others make it out to be. One example of this is the company Reformation, they are setting the standard for the fashion industry by making their clothing sustainably, while using significantly less water than other brands. They also publish their yearly sustainability reports in an effort to be more transparent with the public. I have already noticed a few brands following in their footsteps and modifying their policies to agree with more sustainable practices. I also plan to modify my practices to be more sustainable in my everyday life, using the problem solving strategies I have learned in this class. One small change I am going to make is putting a recycling bin in my room for all the plastic bottles I have, so they end up being recycled, instead of going into a landfill.

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