Money controls the environment

              The world we live in today is controlled majorly by the money and power of it that is put into play. The way we use the carbon control of the climate change is a big deal. If we don’t pay a lot towards getting the prices of that to go down then the world will slowly turn into where we can’t pay that at all. The money we use is a major part of the climate change because if we use it for the good then it helps the environment but if we use it wrong then it is bad. The carbon that we are putting into the air is slowly starting to kill the air that we are breathing in everyday.

              The air pollution gets worse and worse as the days go on. The bigger the city with more factories creates more of fog in the air that is destroying the climates. Everyday you read about factories making the air worse to breath. When we had to closed down for the COVID-19 lockdown you looked at china and noticed that all of the air pollution was gone and the sky looked so beautiful. The more we works towards cleaning the pipes of the factories and trying to slow the fog down will help with the climate change slowly .

              The more we work to find Reacher for a way to fix the problem of all the things that are destroying the climate the world will slowly keep falling away. The money that it would take to be able to fix or work towards a better way for the climate will take the longest of time. We need to find better and more affect ways to slow down the pollution of the world.

              In conclusion I would say that it is going to take everyone and a lot of money to fix the climate that we live in today. The process of this is going to be long but we can get it done. The more the scientist and researchers work together the more we can get down. We should start with a bill of 1 million dollars and go from there to get it done.

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