Starting the Change

When discussing wicked problems there are many areas to cover. Wicked problems are all around us and there are so many different ways we can work towards solving them and creating a better society. In our reading this week we covered the transition into more sustainable practices. We read about and tried to determine what, in our opinion, was doing better at transitioning better into sustainability. This discussion was over the market or sustainability. It discusses all of the different things each of them was doing to be more sustainable. It was very interesting to see the different sides and also to see the different methods. The wicked problems website we used was very helpful to learn and become more educated on the different wicked problems. This is very important because it helps us to know and think of better ways to go about problems. When it comes to wicked problems what is the best way to solve them? That’s the problem, there is no right or wrong way and there is nothing that we’ve proven really works. That’s what makes a problem wicked. Current state is a method of problem-solving that is used to help try and plan ahead. It creates future scenarios that enable us to try and get ahead and think of how all of our solutions will affect the world in the future. I think this is a good thing to use because we have no other methods of problem-solving we should try our best to think long term about how all of the solutions will play out. I feel like this is our best way of knowing the next right move at the moment. 

When looking into how we as a society are affecting the planet we look to sustainability. What are we doing to be sustainable? This of course ties in with our reading of who is doing the best at transitioning to more sustainable ways and how are they doing it. We can look at some companies that are doing great at being sustainable. What are some you can think of? One that I feel is doing really great is IKEA. They have been doing loads to try and stay as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible. Some of the things they have done have been using sustainable cotton and wool, getting rid of single-use plastic bags, and are shifting to energy-efficient LEDs. On top of all that IKEA also invests a lot of money into green energy, reforestation, and forest protection plans. I think this is really incredible and very important in the design industry. Because there is so much waste produced by the interior design industry, it is good to see some companies step forward and make the shift to a more sustainable business. I hope that we continue to see a lot of stores shift into this mentality and these practices as we continue. I hope that we can all continue to learn and understand more about wicked problems. I hope we can become more educated and work towards something. We are the next generation to make a change. This is becoming our world and we need to make a difference. The change can start with us.

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