We Can Make a Difference!

When reading article 5, it is easily comparable to my chosen wicked problem: Pollution in the fashion industry. Since the article was about how to reduce carbon emissions and other pollutants, I found it very interesting. The writer of this article named Paul Krugman, “If we continue with business as usual, they say, we are facing a rise in global temperatures that will be little short of apocalyptic. And to avoid that apocalypse, we have to wean our economy from the use of fossil fuels, coal above all.”

One thing that I found very interesting in the reading was the story of Authur Cecil Pigou. This man wanted to find a way to solve the problem of Londen fog. During his research, he learned that the “fog” was actually the result of many coal fires. He thought that the best way to reduce this was to put a price on the harmful emissions. I think this man was right when he thought that it was the best way to make a change in the problem, and it did. There was evidence that it dramatically changed how much sulfur-dioxide was being emitted and also lowered electricity bills. When I heard this story, it made me more optimistic in knowing we can find a way to cut back on the harmful effects we have on the environment. 

I never really heard the term “wicked problem’ before this class and it has been very eye opening to learn about them. Since I never really heard about wicked problems and what really makes them wicked, I bet there are other people that don’t know either. The Wicken Problems website is very informative and I would recommend it to people that are interested in it. And even if they are not, it is good to have knowledge of these topics because they concern our current state of life. 

There are quite a few brands that are transforming their companies to share positivity about the environment and switch to eco-friendly products in a way of social entrepreneurship. While looking at brands and ways they have contributed to the eco-friendly initiative, I stumbled upon a brand named Tentree. This brand plants ten trees for every item purchased while also using sustainable materials and has eco-friendly manufacturing processes. 

Learning about all of these different instances in which people/brands are making eco-friendly choices to make the world a better place is really refreshing. I think that if everyone would make these changes, it would make a huge difference. 

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