Why Can’t We All Do Our Part?

The reading that was assigned last week was very eye opening to say the least. In the reading it displayed how many different ways there are to better the environment. With this being said it blows my mind that we aren’t using these alternative ways. This reading also explained how climate change is an ongoing problem on our planet. It could be detrimental if climate change never comes to an end. I’m sure most people know that not everyone believes that climate change is a real thing, but the article was really informational on this topic.

            I visited the Wicked Problems and it gives numerous explanations of wicked problems. It expanded on the topic more than other websites that I have researched, and it has helped educate me a lot. This website also goes on to explain social entrepreneurship which is overall others helping another in the work force. They help people of all kind and that is what we need more of in the world.  

            Wicked problems are mostly impossible to solve but I think that problem solving could prevent other wicked problems from happening again. Seeing things from other perspective could benefit the future in a very positive way. I think this would be very beneficial in making sure we don’t make the same mistakes over and over again.

            If I’m being honest, I was never that aware of all the waste that goes on in the world, involving fashion. After being so educated in this class it has already made me change the way I view certain brands. I am very cautious of what I purchase and do more research before deciding to buy from a brand I have never heard of. Overall, I think that sustainability needs to be a bigger topic and shown more awareness.

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