Wicked Problems in Climate Change

For Reading 5, I had the YES section, which argued for either a carbon tax or a cap-and-trade to help protect the environment from climate change. If nothing is done to help combat climate change, the Earth will face drastic changes. The Earth will continue to get warmer, which would cause negative effects in the future. One way to combat climate change would be through an emission tax, which would tax companies or businesses with high emissions. Unfortunately, this topic is very political today so this topic is very controversial today. This is an example of wicked problems we face today, and more problems are featured on the Wicked Problems website. The Wicked Problems website helps to showcase the different types of wicked problems. The website also shows Horst Rittel’s characteristics of a wicked problem. The website also features social entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurs start a business and work to help people. One example of social entrepreneurship would be the Anchal Project. The Anchal Project employs struggling artisans to help them leave the sex trade and be able to sustain themsleves. The Anchal Project sells pillows and clothing which change the lives of the artisans and people in their communities.
Even though wicked problems are difficult to solve, problem solving strategies, such as current state and future scenarios analysis, are being used to help solve these problems. Current state analysis analyzes the current experience and the organizational practices that help lead to that experience. This could be helpful in solving wicked problems because this method analyzes the way a system is organized to lead to its current outcome. This could help us to see ways to organize a system better in order to help solve a wicked problem. Future-state analysis helps to invent something new to help better an organization or system. After doing a current state analysis, a future-state analysis could be done to help brainstorm ways to solve the problem to help the future. This could help us to brainstorm new ideas to help solve wicked problems.
After taking this class, I plan to work to be more sustainable moving forward. I have my own business and this class has inspired me to look into sustainable packaging to help limit my plastic usage. Some packaging is even biodegradable, which would benefit the environment much more than just dumping plastic in a landfill. I also plan on working on using more reusable cups. I frequently use plastic cups for my coffee and this is wasteful. It would be more beneficial to the environment if I used reusable cups instead.

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