Act Now Before it is too Late

Throughout the “YES” reading of Green Economics: How We Can Afford to Tackle Climate Change the author, Paul Krugman, explains that it is time society starts paying attention to climate scientist that have evidence proving that our emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are leading to rise in global temperatures. He explains that if we don’t take action now then we could face events that are short of an apocalypse. Krugman shares Authur Cecil Pigou’s story where he placed prices on the emissions of coal being burned to clear the London fog. His plan was successful and Krugman suggested that we put a price on carbon emissions to stop climate change. This way the creation of the harmful emissions would be limited. 

Before I took this class I had never heard of the term “wicked problem.” Many of the problems the world is facing today are wicked, and not everyone realizes this. That’s why The Wicked problems website can help keep everyone in the loop about these wicked problems the world is facing since it concerns them. I think it would be beneficial for anyone to take time and review what the website has to offer so they can have a better understanding of what is really happening in the world. This class has also opened my eyes to how my actions have been affecting the earth. I have started to use recyclable things in my kitchen and stop buying paper utensils, plates, and bringing my own bags to the grocery store to reduce waste. I have also started shopping more sustainable by buying clothes from thrift stores and not buying from fast fashion brands. I have also learned that I do not need to buy into fashion trends but instead buy statement pieces that will last me longer and be in style longer so I’m not getting rid of as many clothes.

The company Saitex is a Vietnam based denim manufacturer that plans to open their first U.S. operation in LA. They have American clients, including Target, Everlane, J. Crew, and more. Their production process uses clean, renewable energy, solar thermal, and water recycling that doesn’t rely on fossil fuels. Saitex is favorably impacting the environmental challenges we are facing globally. They are also economically helping themselves and the brands they produce by reaching customers who support the sustainability movement.​ Their brand is helping fight against fast fashion brands whose production is harming our environment.

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