More Change Less Talk

Regardless of the various opinions on how it is done, it is clear that businesses need to prioritize sustainability within their companies a lot more than they are currently. The last reading we read titled “Green Economics: How Can We Afford to Tackle Climate Change” discusses just that. It covers the various ideas like “market-based research” and “cap-and-trade” and the debate between them. In my opinion, the main goal is that something needs to change soon in order to handle climate change. It seems sometimes that people like to just sit around and talk about ways it can be done and not actually act on any of those ideas. The wicked problems website shows the damage these various problems are doing and helps prove even more that all of us need to incorporate so sort of change into our lives. It showed me in more depth about these different wicked problems and I now know more than I do previously. Knowledge is valuable, but it is what you do with the knowledge given that makes a change. Things like the current state and only analyzing future scenarios can only be good for so long, and it is past that point of only analyzing. It is time for us all to act and try to improve our current situation. Everyday people need to make a conscious effort to improve severe wicked problems. One company that I found on social media called “Unprint” is a perfect example of what large companies should learn from. The concept is that the creator takes thrifted items and screen prints trendy designs on them. They also use eco-friendly packaging for their shipments. Larger corporations should take tips from businesses like these. For example, the retail company I used to work for would send in new clothes with a majority of shirts and pants individually wrapped in plastic. Even though it is possible because they did it randomly on occasion, they would wrap whole runs of clothes in one plastic bag. The amount of plastic that was wasted just from one box of clothes was insane. This is just one place where this chain retail store and hundreds of others struggle at. Personally, learning more about the wicked problems that our world has, has encouraged me to change my actions more. I already thrifted clothes but I still spent money on unethical fast-fashion businesses. I also have started to keep my scraps from clothing alterations and repurpose them. Buying products like reusable makeup cloths instead of makeup wipes are also changes I made in order to try to be more sustainable. All in all, everyone from me to the large corporations has ways we can improve our carbon footprint and help tackle wicked problems.

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