Ethically Made

I think it can be said that ethics help guide us towards being better people. Unless we intentionally take the small steps to work towards sustainability our future might not turn out for the best. Our values that we have determine our choices and are far more important to focus on when wanting to increase a more sustainable lifestyle. The wicked problem I have been the most interested in is the fashion industry. We are facing plenty of wicked problems around the world, but fast fashion is a major issue that I found interesting with my major, Fashion Design & Production. In approach to solving wicked problems, we have to have unique ideas for solutions and take the small steps daily to make a difference. “In the most ideal sense, ethical fashion benefits those working along the supply chain and creates a better future for everyone-not just for those at the top”. I like this quote because ethical fashion benefits much more than just a company or one person. 

The reading made it clear that not everyone in the world is able to make eco-friendly decisions. An example of this is that people living in poverty have to live the way they do in order to survive by mostly continuing unsustainable practices. The good news is that sustainable development helps reduce poverty. In this class, I have gained a lot of knowledge on how to make better choices that will help work towards a more sustainable future. I did not even know what “wicked problems” were before I got into this class and it has been intriguing. From now on, I plan to be more mindful when it comes to choosing the easier choice or taking a small extra step to be eco-friendly. It will take me being intentional when going shopping and I would like to be able to do what I can to impact our economy in a positive way. Some ways I know I can start doing this is by buying clothes from companies that sell sustainable wear, recycling, and spread what I know to others. I hope that soon there will be a lot of sustainable brands to purchase from. One brand I know that has been practicing sustainability is Patagonia, this company is a global leader in being ethical. “Patagonia rejects fast fashion by creating high-quality, long-lasting products, and offers a repair and reuse program.” This company is one I love purchasing items from, but I like how they will also recognize when customers are buying too much. Purchasing more and more clothes that are even sustainable can be harmful for the economy. This is why it always important to remember less is more. 

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