What we should know.

When I first entered Wicked problems I did not know anything about it. When we started talking about the problems of the world it wasn’t fun and to be honest it’s not a light topic because it’s kind of a depressing topic. That not a lot of people would want to talk about. Then it can become a problem since you don’t really know how you are affecting the environment until someone points it out to you. Even then there are people who still won’t care and think it’s not my problem, someone else will fix it for me. What’s sad is that it is the vast majority of people who think that way. They think it can wait for another time the environment can handle it’s been able to keep up with us this long. Why would it stop now and with that way of thinking they choose to put it off. Then since they put it off it becomes worse. Wicked problems give an insight to the world’s problems that isn’t an everyday thought which is good but only a small group of people even knows what Wicked problems are or who even care about the problems in our environment. Wicked problems are problems that aren’t easily solved by one person that are solved by many people that should care for the environment. In all honesty I feel like we all should play a part in changing our environment because we’ve all had a cause and hurting it whether you care or not You’re affecting this environment too. Wicked  problems give possible solutions that may or may not work. The only way to try and see if they were to work is by doing them together. I feel like we all need to have a little bit more mindfulness in our environment and the life living in it. Mindfulness isn’t just about being conscious of what we are doing, it’s also being aware of how it is affecting our environment. For example the trash that we throw away can cause environmental damage Because it’s such a large quantity of garbage  that is  being thrown away and burnt which releases toxic fumes into our environment which is causing catastrophic consequences that may be hard to fix or impossible to fix. It’s not only the garbage that is releasing toxic fumes, cars, trucks, big companies, and lots of other places do too. But do the majority of people care know. A lot of people think that our environment is just a resource we can use at any convenience and there won’t be any consequences but that’s simply not true. Wicked problems are hard to fix and not all things can be fixed but learning how to be humble and compassionate Towards our environment and the problems we have in it Saying yes we have heard our environment and yes it is our time to take responsibility for what we have done and by doing that we can all work together and get a started on what needs to be done. It’s like Newton’s third law every action has an equal and opposite reaction for example For every action Cutting down trees there is an equal and opposite reaction. Earthquakes, floods, fires, last pure oxygen in the world because we keep cutting down the trees and this is only one example of the many things that are happening due to what we are taking from the environment. That is only one of the wicked problems that is brought up when you start learning about how we affect our environment without mindfulness, humbleness, and compassion. We are setting ourselves up to be doomed because people don’t want to use mindfulness, humbleness, and compassion. The human population is growing rapidly and at the same time the resources that the environment offers is taking an astronomical rate. Without mindfulness, humbleness, and compassion our environment will eventually give out Because we think we can get whatever we want without consequences. Soon the environment’s resources will be gone and what happened on Easter Island will happen on a very large scale because we won’t have the resources to fix it like we do now. Then it’s not about what can we do to survive because by then it will be too late. There won’t be any resources left. We will have used it all up because of the selfishness of the Global population. One possible way I think that could start us on the right track is the gases that are released from companies, and garbage should be contained instead of being released into the atmosphere all willy-nilly in all honesty I do not know how it could be contained but I feel like if there is research done then it would become possible to contain the gases. which would make our environment a little bit better since we wouldn’t be releasing those kind of toxic fume out to the world and we wouldn’t be breathing it in as much either. I think humans in general are playing a risky game of how long will the environment last for us. How far can we push it before it collapses whether you know you’re playing the game or not you are and we are becoming dangerously close to the point where there will be no turning back. When that time comes there’s only going to be one way to get us back on track and that would be mass extinction which is a grim thought Because life should be protected and valued. Before I entered the wicked problems class I didn’t think about this that much. It wasn’t something talked about and if it was talked about it was not this detailed. So, when I entered this class and started learning how bad we’ve treated our environment it made me think that we’re idiots and there needs to be a drastic change in the way we think, act, and what we do not just saying we need to do this, actually doing it. So, with the way that we used our environment it could potentially one-day drop us and I don’t mean literally I mean metaphorically. I mean it could stop producing simple goods and when that happens the life we know will be drastically changed and that’s if you still have a life. I think another way to get started on correcting the mistakes we’re making in our environment is getting someone that everyone knows like a famous person and having them say this needs to change. I’m helping the environment and having them show the whole world that the damage to our environment is quite extensive and if we all work together we could potentially fix it but that won’t happen unless we all get together and change the environment for the better. So, I think the idea of Getting someone that everybody knows and having them be kind of like the spokesperson saying this is what we are causing to our environment. Let’s work together and fix it. I also think one of the biggest problems with the way we see our environment is not just that it’s a resource but it’s too far gone. Let’s just keep using until there’s nothing left. Someone else will do it for me. I don’t have to do it, and it’s way too much work so let’s pretend it’s not a problem. So when people do care They most likely end up thanking what can I do to help the environment when so many people do not care and with that way of thinking it becomes a hindrance on what they’re trying to help fix. Then it can become a hindrance and it can slow down progress or stop it entirely. Which can lead back to the place where we started as if it never happened. Then the cycle starts all over again and  our environment becomes worse and worse. So one of my biggest goals is to get people more aware of what wicked problems are and ways they could help so the cycle won’t repeat over and over with nothing getting better. The way I would do this is by using technology, getting a community together and shedding more light on how we affect our environment. Ways that you can help even if it’s just a little and giving them options of where to go whether they choose our committee or another organization. This would show them what’s another area where organizations are near them, how to get in contact with them And how to get started.

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