Sustainability & Me

When I started this course, I had an idea about sustainability and wicked problems, but I had never really learned about the subject. Having resources be sustainable is a growing problem in our world today. Before this course, I did not really think about wicked problems in our world and did not really know what they were. I knew about sustainability but it was not a thought I often had. In grade school we learn about the phrase ‘reduce, reuse, recycle” and often have a unit taught about it. However, I feel as if it does not stick with people as it should. Over the years, sustainability has only become a bigger issue. There are people who care about the issue and do everything they can to try and help the world, on the contrary there are many people who couldn’t care less and do not even think about it. For me, since I have started this course, it has definitely been on my mind more and this course lets me know of ways I can change my lifestyle to better the issue. In the past I have practiced mindfulness with meditating and yoga. I was on the dance team in high school and every now and then we would do meditation to help with stress and help us unwind. Out of high school I have not really practiced mindfulness even though I should, it would help with stress and school. The mindfulness practice we do in class is definitely something I should start doing outside of class because in class, I believe it helps me relax. I will definitely try to set aside time each day to practice mindfulness, as I believe it will help me in the long run.

A goal of this course is to develop humble responses to various wicked problems. After being in this course and learning about wicked problems I have realized that I in fact contributed to some of these in the past and being humble and admitting that is step one. Considering fast fashion, I can say that I have seen trends on social media and purchased clothes or items that I think are cute and to follow the trends, not realizing that some of these companies support or partake in fast fashion, and that is obviously something I do not want to support. Supporting small businesses is a better way to support the community and not support big box companies who underpay their staff and work them past their limits. I have been trying to use less paper, as it will help the environment around me.  In learning about wicked problems, it has helped me to learn and change my ways for the better.

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