Curiosity Solves Problems

Wicked problems are a difficult subject. They have their own meaning and that meaning isn’t very clear sometimes. They are very difficult to solve because sometimes there is only one way to solve them, and we might not know all of the side effects of the issue being solved. The majority of wicked problems when looked at generally seem to be an easy fix, for example, drinking water. There are many ways to tackle this issue including preventing companies to poor their product wastes into the water, less plastic pollution, and developing more wells in countries that do not have access currently. All of these are good ideas to solve the main issue, but the problem with these ideas is that they are short term and not very significant. These ideas would help fix some of the problem, but to solve the issue as a whole we would need to present every possible thing that would help solve the problem, then narrow down those ideas, and then finally make a decision that would potentially fail and make things even worse, or that would solve the issue indefinitely. There are many wicked problems in our world that we are unaware of as a society because we are too submerged in our own beings to even look up to realize what the rest of the world around us is experiencing. A brief personal example of this would be the other day I was talking to my friend about how all of the American troops were being removed and that a terrorist group over there had taken over the Afghanistan government, and she had no idea what I was talking about, but I had been seeing it on all types of social medias. Anyway, my point was that most people are unaware of what is really happening in our world. I think if more celebrities or people of power would promote sustainability or issues with our environment then we would have a much more productive attempt at our futures. Even though we are very behind as a world in trying to save our air, water, and soil, we are moving the right direction. With big companies like Nike and Adidas moving towards zero waste with their products. This includes their tags, labeling, shoes, and apparel products. With these influential companies contributing to helping the environment this helps both the company and the consumer.

            Some of the ways I try to be companionate about these kinds of problems are to actively talk about them. I am vegetarian (almost vegan), I recycle, and I try and support as many companies that I can who promote sustainable products. By doing so, I’m helping in the small ways that I can, and I try to make others around me do the same. I would hope to believe that everyone would contribute to any form or fashion because the decisions we make now will only affect us in our future and our grandchildren’s as well. I try to influence my friends to make better sustainable choices even if it is just recycling.

            As far as looking at a wicked problem emotionally, I think this is one of the most important parts of trying to solve a wicked problem. Evaluating them from the emotional standpoint makes the problem a lot more meaningful. This point of view adds a deeper layer to the issue which is often guilt or sadness. Evaluating a wicked problem this way can bring more light to the topic faster than most ways because of the guilt behind the action. Following emotionally evaluating a wicked problem would be how you one evaluates them with their mind. This to me, is how your morals and personal beliefs affect the wicked problem at hand. This can also include spiritually as well, and this example would be the most influential for someone’s opinion on a wicked problem in my opinion. The beliefs and values of an individual affect their everyday lives significantly regardless of the problems that they don’t even think about like these said wicked problems. One should try and remain biased when evaluating one because if we as a society want to move forward with solving more of these nearly impossible issues, we have to look at the issue on the same level as everyone else involved. This also calls for one to not be selfish and cynical because of the potential issue not being solved in the correct way which could result in much more wicked problems than the one being addressed. The next way one may solve a wicked problem is with one’s heart. This is similar to how one may use their emotions to solve or evaluate the problem, but consists more on the moral values of the individual as well. I think this version of solving a problem is the most intense way to solve one because it is strictly meaningful suggestions.

            Lastly, using one’s body to evaluate a wicked problem is another great example of a way to look over issues. The effects of the problem can have tremendous outcomes on the body whether it be the side effects, or what the body has already been going through currently. This can include air quality, chemicals ingested, and daily activities that affect the body. These kinds of issues are usually the most apparent because they are easily seen or felt.

            I have previously listed some of the ways I personally contribute to wicked problems, but as far as how I can continue to help prevent these problems or help solve them, I would like to become fully vegan. I only ever really have dairy if there are no substitute options, or if it is macaroni and cheese, and I only eat eggs on rare occasions where they are given to me, and I don’t want to be rude. Another way I would like to contribute would be to try and go towards zero waste. This is a very difficult goal to have, but it is just a general idea to help myself cut down on waste. Lastly, if I have the chance I would like to visit other countries to see their how they use their resources to help prevent immense pollution.

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