Is it Really A Wonderful World?

The world is a bright and happy place, but there are many topics that get forgotten about because we as people do not know how to fix them, or it is too hard and complicated to fix these issues. Some of these problems are national, and some are global. Understanding these problems can be hard at times, and it will be unclear how to find a solution for them. Some of these problems include global warming, deforestation, and world peace.

Understanding these problems are difficult. It may seem like there is a clear way to fix the problem, but all of the situations we have come up with fix the issue short-term, and only in one area. The solutions to these problems must be long-term, and it has to fix the problem for everyone struggling with it. For me this is a very frustrating thing to wrap my head around. Why can’t we just fix these problems? Why is there no solution? When I first started learning about these problems I wasn’t really interested because they were topics I would hear on the news, or in textbooks and I didn’t really care about them too much. Now, as I’ve been learning more, I have realized that I am a part of the generation that could help find a solution to these problems, and that I should start caring and paying more attention to them. 

When looking at these problems, it can show how damaged the world really is and it can be difficult to take in. A way to help ease an overwhelming flow of emotions is to practice mindfulness. Taking 10 minutes out of your day can be really beneficial. There are many ways to do this like apps, guided meditation, and spending time focusing on your breath. Carving out 10 minutes of my day, I personally like to do this right before bed, has helped my anxiety, sleep quality, and overall stress levels go down. Mindfulness is a tool that I use when the weight of the world’s problems get a little too intense or overwhelming. I practice mindfulness every night at 11pm before I go to sleep or to take a break from what I’m doing. I have found that doing it at night is the best time for me because I get to really relax before I go to sleep, so my sleep quality can improve. Before I started doing this, my sleep quality would at best only be at 80%, but now it ranges from 87-92%. I track my sleep every night with my apple watch, and when I look back at my sleep habits, I am now falling asleep in half of the amount of time it used to take me. 

These problems can be soft spots for many people, especially those who struggle with these first hand. Learning how to be humble and kind towards everyone can really help everyone get along and help those to live a more comfortable life. Making humble responses towards these problems can be hard at first, because of the lack of clarity, or because of all of the people the problem reaches. For me, I found that I like to think about all of the things that I have, and realize how lucky I am compared to others. Then, I humble myself when helping others who maybe don’t have as much as me. I can also be humble by calling myself out on things that I should change to better the planet; like recycling regularly, or using less plastic products and more eco friendly products instead. Being humble and calling myself out can be very hard because a lot of people do not like to admit when they are wrong even when they know for a fact that they are wrong. I can be very stubborn, and sometimes, I do not like to admit and say that I was wrong and I should change whatever I did. When coming up with responses to a wicked problem, it is very important to be compassionate. When calling someone out, we should instead call them in with kindness and compassion, so they are more likely to change their ways of wrongdoing. It’s no secret that people like kind people, and that we should treat people with kindness. To call people with compassion and kindness, you should think about what they are going through and how this particular problem personally affects them, and think about if that could be a reason for their actions. I feel that calling people in instead out out is better because it provides an opportunity for a conversation for you and that person who could possibly be in the wrong. I have found that when I am talking to someone about a problem, my message gets to them faster and stronger when being compassionate and kind towards them. Calling someone out can come off as harsh, and rude and people tend to not like that and will become more stubborn and keep doing what they are doing just to annoy you. Wicked problems can be hard to bring up in a conversation because not a lot of people know a lot on the problematic topics. I think the best way to address them is to first state your opinion, and then let the other person freely say what they think. After they are done, think about what they said and if you disagree with them, say it kindly, and try to find a middle ground. I know this is an easier said than done kind of situation, but I have found this being the most effective way to have a conversation with someone without calling them out. 

Wicked problems will always be around because most of them are impossible to find a solution that will actually work. These problems can carry a lot of weight to them, and having tools I can use to help understand and cope with these problems will be very beneficial for me in the years to come. I am not saying that I am perfect and that I am always humble and compassionate towards others, but when discussing these problems I try my best to understand why some may think that the problem isn’t actually a problem and we don’t need to fix it. That can be a hard conversation to have with someone, but humbling myself, and being compassionate could make the person change their idea in the end.

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