Mindfulness Practice

    One way that being in wicked problems has helped me is that I have learned multiple ways to open up my mind and figure out new thing Ways of doing things. Before taking this class I was a super tense person. In high school I was a super busy person and I was always involved in extracurricular activities and I always had so many things to do for dance. I also was a cheerleader at my high school and it took up a lot of my time and it made me a very tense person and I never had time to relax and chill out at home and I was also very stressed. When I was younger and in the past years of my life I have always thought meditation was a stupid thing to do. I didn’t think it would do anything for me or for my body or for my mental health. After learning about meditation in this class I have decided that I really enjoy meditation and I really enjoyed learning all the mini new ways that I can do it. ever since I started meditating I realize that I wake up every morning a little bit happier, I even go to bed a little more relaxed. Not only has meditation made me more relaxed, it has also opened my mind to many new possibilities in my life. By opening up my mind I have realized that I have been finding myself finding new ways to do things, being more open to things, and thinking of way more ideas. Mindfulness practice is going to be something that I will be taking part of for the rest of my life. After starting mindfulness practice I have felt 100 times better in my life. Right now I am in a long distance relationship. This relationship was very hard because I was not an open minded person. Doing all this mindfulness practice has been really helping me open up towards him. When my boyfriend and I are on FaceTime at night time, we do a little practice as a meditation with each other. These mindfulness practices really help not just ourselves personally but our relationship too. He thanked me for teaching him all of these practices and said he’s going to use them not only when he’s on FaceTime with me but throughout the day whenever he feels like he needs a little bit of comfort or a little bit of stress relieving. I have also taught these mindful practices to my roommates, they decided they love them as well. Throughout the week my roommates and I have nights where we sit in the living room and we all do mindfulness practice together. Along with our mindfulness practices we love to talk about all of our problems and we decided that we’re never going to judge each other for whatever we say and we are always going to be there for each other and help each other with everything. One of my roommates told me she has always been super stressed and cries all the time because of it. This mindfulness practice has really helped her throughout her college journey and becoming less stressed. Even if it’s just meditating in the shower or going through all of the thoughts in my head or taking a minute to have no thoughts and just breathe I have never felt better than I do today. Even though I have just started meditating I have a feeling I’m going to be doing this for the rest of my life. I don’t know much about meditating. I only know 2% that I could but I’m super excited to learn to my full potential about meditating and become even more knowledgeable about this. On the days that I don’t have time to do my mindfulness practices or have a minute of silence I find myself more stressed and I also find it harder to go to sleep at night with all of these thoughts running through my head. 

    Throughout taking the class wicked problems I have learned a lot about so many different problems around the world. Learning about our world’s problems today has never been a super big interest of mine. After learning about all of these problems we have, with natural resources and land destruction I have become very intrigued by these issues. These problems are some of the biggest and most known ones today. I hope to learn about more of the problems in our world, even the small ones. Even though I am a singular person on this planet earth I want to make a difference in any way I can. I hope that one day I can figure out ways to help with all these problems. These problems interest me a lot because I never realized how screwed up some things in our world are today. Even though I just started learning about all of our first world problems, I can’t wait to learn even more in and out of this class. One of the problems that interest me the most is fast fashion, and the condition of these workers working. These working conditions are completely inappropriate and not OK. They work in factories that are outdated factories, with machines that are very risky that they could get hurt with any second. They also barely even get paid minimum wage. Fast fashion does many things like put these workers at risk and contribute to pollution around the world. I have read many studies and mini papers about how people in China and other countries are being held hostage at these factories and are being forced to work. and it’s not only adults but children as well. fast fashion can be good sometimes but it’s also not a good thing in our world right now because of the mini things it is doing to people in the world. I hope to learn even more about this and hopefully one day I can make a small difference all by myself. 

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