So Many Ways to Be Wicked

While I was still in high school, I knew I wanted to go to college I just didn’t know what I would major in. My first thought was Nursing since I’m already a CNA, Phlebotomist, and a medical assistant. While I was working at a nursing home, I just realized that I wouldn’t want to be in healthcare my whole life. Sure, it was an interesting job I just wanted to do something different. So, I went online and seen what OSU had to offer and that when I seen fashion so I decided to try it out

 When I first arrived at college, I had no idea what I wanted to major in, nor did I have a clue on what a wicked problem was. I decided to go with fashion because I am interested in what the major holds and the opportunities I would receive. When I got my schedule, everything seemed good like all the classes seemed normal except for “Wicked Problem of Industrial practice” I had no clue on what this meant or what would take place in this class. I just assumed it was just a fancy name for a basic fashion class I didn’t google what a wicked problem was I just decided to wait and see. The first day of class I still had no clue what a wicked problem was. We watched a video that day and it was over the negative impacts we have on our environment. After I watched the video I kind of understood what a wicked problem was nut I still wasn’t quite sure. When we got our first reading assignment over “Easter Island” that’s when I figured out what a wicked problem was. The reading assignment was over how the people who first arrived on the Easter Island started to overuse the resources on the environment until the eventually ran out and they soon all died out. That is what’s going to happen to us if we don’t hurry and try to help the earth while we can.

 A wicked problem is the negative impacts that different industries have on the environment such as wasting resources, plastic, deforestation, polluting, and chemical spills and honestly the list can go on. Its possible for you to even participate in a wicked problem without you even knowing. I was doing some wicked problems without even knowing it such as shopping from websites such as Shein, Boohooman, and Romwe these sites have a dark background sure you might just look at it as a cheap way to get trendy products. These sites have a background of sweatshops a sweatshop is a place where people are forced to work under harsh conditions with little pay such as 3.25 an hour. These people still must work in these harsh conditions even during the pandemic. When we were assigned to do our group project, I was kind of nervous honestly because all my teammates knew what a wicked problem was, I only had a little of an understanding. During this project I read a lot of articles about wicked problems. Its honestly so sad on how many wicked problems are going on without most of the consumers not even knowing that they are buying from businesses, shops and other industries that are harming the environment. After college I hope to build a platform for myself to help with these wicked problems. I want to give all the help I possibly can to help with the environment. The condition our earth is in right now is honestly scary. We all should do our part by not buying from the industries that our harming the environment. We also should stop over shopping the more that we over shop the product that will be made. Some of the things I change about my way of living is that I got ride of some of the clothes I haven’t worn in a year by donating them to a nursing home that I worked at I even started recycling more. I also stop shopping from business that our doing sweatshops, I also I told my sister back at home about Wicked problem and she agreed to stop shopping at those sites as well. I told my best friend as well and she didn’t even know what a wicked problem was we all need to stand together and help as much as we can with little things such as stop over buying, start recycling more and don’t buy from sweatshop businesses.

A wicked problem will not just magically change over night its going take all of us to take a stand. We have hurt our earth so much in a way that even if we take a stand, it will probably take years for us to even start seeing results. We can do this it’s going to be a lot of work but change needs to happen. The effect of wicked problem is already becoming worse such a global warming, Wildfires, and pollution these are all effects of wicked problems and they will continue becoming worse and worse if we don’t act now. We only have one earth to live on and yet we are living like we have an infinite number of earths to go to when this one goes up into flames. I honestly believe that we have a chance to help the earth we just got to act fast. Its not going to be easy to help or get people to help. I can’t believe that it took me 18 years to even know what a wicked problem was, Wicked problem should be taught in school not just college but Middle school and High school. We need to know the negative impacts that our favorite clothing brand, shoe brand and make brand have on our environment. Having these classes available for teenagers could be good everybody should know the danger that man-kind put our environment in. If we all stand together, we could save our environment, or we possibly could even be to late. But we wont not unless we try, so let’s all try together.

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